November 22, 2009

Love Yourself~ in Truth

Love Yourself

but not in Vanity

in the Way that makes you love everyone else & everything else you see



In the Ocean of Love

is all Love

we are all in that Ocean

November 21, 2009

On a Map

"This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you."


November 20, 2009

"The Pursuit of Happiness Becomes True Happiness"

I Love this.

agree with much of it

by Norm Ephraim, Ed.D.

"Let’s face it. We all want to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is a common pursuit. We all realize, sooner or later, that outer success does not produce lasting happiness.

So what does? Loving ourselves and loving others. In fact, we can only love others authentically when we love ourselves.

So why is it that some people seem to feel self love easily, while others spend their lives searching in relationships or career accomplishments to find it? While it may seem cliche, the answer does seem to point to experiences in childhood.

What we know as self esteem begins, originally, in the esteem parents have for their children. Through the simplest acts of touch, attention to feelings, and guidance toward accomplishment, a child comes to see their own worth reflected in their parents’ eyes. They see themselves as love-able i.e. worthy and able to be loved.

These feelings are so powerful that they have been found to influence longevity. When through various forms of abuse and neglect a child fails to get this mirror of love, two things happen. First the child begins to take in the feeling of defectiveness or un-loveability. Since, to a child, a parent is God, parental abuse and neglect (including insensitivity to feelings) is experienced as justified. "If mommy or daddy treats me this way, it must be my fault."

A second thing also happens. Children are masters at devising strategies to get love or prevent abandonment. A common "protective strategy" is perfectionism. "If I'm perfect, then mommy or daddy will love me."

The search for perfection can become a lifetime one, whether it be for the perfect partner, the perfect accomplishment, or the perfect amusement or "high." But the result will always be disappointing. Nothing can replace self love.

Is there hope for those who didn't get enough love in childhood? The answer is a resounding yes!!..."

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in the twilight of life

in the twilight of life, we find a little more direction

we forget the drives for the outer world

we reminisce on what we once were, or once thought ourselves to be

& we look a little deeper into what we are beneath this life

we are coming to a close on

life brings more meaning,

maybe not more attempts at meaning

but more meaning

but do we find light?

or do we only find the beginning of an almost timeless search again?...

we find more meaning

that is enough for now

let us enjoy this twilight

& look a little more closely at the life in front of us, in us, and surrounding us on all sides

in the twilight of life,

we can see things in a new way

love your own life

love the life you are given

November 19, 2009

November 18, 2009


love is a gift

November 17, 2009

a gift we are given everyday

love is a gift we are given everyday

whether we open it or not, is up to us

November 16, 2009

love is becoming

What is Love, but an endless lesson in becoming what we once were?

in becoming what we are in our deepest insides

Soul's Essence

"The individual soul is the drop, the Satguru the stream, and God the vast Ocean. Just as a drop of rain gets polluted with coarse matter during its fall onto earth, so does the soul, in its descent to the physical world, obtain coverings of mind and matter and lose its lustre."

~Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Ji

November 15, 2009


"From the ocean rises the wave,

into the ocean it merges again."


November 12, 2009

Love is God

Love is God

God is Love

November 11, 2009